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No NHS experience?

There are a vast amount of qualified doctors in the UK who are struggling to find work as they have no NHS experience. So far we have helped a number of doctors in this position into full time work.

We have a strong working relationship with our trusts; as such we are able to enter discussions with them about doctors with no UK experience that may not have had a look in before.

Many doctors find it to be a really useful stepping stone, allowing them to locum and gain experience as a UK doctor, strengthening their application for posts in the future.


 “I finished my training as a GP in France. I came to the UK because my wife is English, and originally my plan was to work as a GP here, however, there was a delay with my paper work so I decided to work through Care1Bank in the meantime.

Working through Care1Bank is quite straight forward really; here, they need SHO on a daily basis - so I just ask Sophie, can I work this week and then she just books me in. That’s it. It’s really easy.”- CT Medicine – France

“I searched for a job in the NHS as a junior doctor for a long while but as I had no NHS experience, it was really challenging. Then I was recommended to get in touch with Care1bank. At first I was sceptical they could help me, but in really short time I have got a job offer through them. Not to mention the support I get from them especially Sophie who tried to help me get a job suitable with my family life and called daily during my first week to check on me” - CT Surgery - Egypt


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