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Taking an F3 year with Care1Bank

Are you thinking of taking a break from your training?

Many doctors decide to take a year out from training for a number of reasons and locum work allows doctors a lot of flexibility; being able to work as and when they like, earn some extra money and providing the opportunity to gain experience in different specialties.

If you are thinking of taking a year out why not give us a call? We have helped doctors work full time or ad hoc during their gap years.

Because of our strong working relationships with trusts we are able to help doctors to get work in specialties that they may not have worked in before. Many doctors value this opportunity to broaden their experience before they continue training as it can really help when deciding where they would like to specialise.

Alternatively some doctors love the flexibility and freedom of locum work, plus the extra income can really help to fund travelling or even buying a house!


‘’I'm an FY2 doctor based in South Yorkshire. Care 1 Bank have found me a locum post for the first 4 months of my F3 year in an area where I was hoping to gain experience. I have found them to be very professional but also friendly whenever I have contacted them, whether by phone or email. I would not hesitate to recommend using their services’’. – CT Medicine

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